Meet our Team


Meet the brains behind Brainstorm Marketing

Once upon a time, two young women were working in the same department but rarely crossed paths. It took a while, but eventually, these two lovelies became close friends, and only a few years later, business partners! When two creative minds work together, possibilities are limitless.


Melissa has an introvert's soul with an extroverts heart. Maybe it’s an oxymoron or maybe she’s just the best of both worlds. Either way, she loves meeting new people, joking around, and working with them to make their visions a reality. 
Melissa worked in the Talent Department at an E-commerce Fortune 500 Company for 8 years. During her time there she managed the Models and on-air Guests live show appearances, video, and photoshoots. Working with live productions and a magnitude of different talents, Melissa has mastered the importance of communication and time management skills. 
Along with studying Marketing in college, Melissa also has a background in freelance photography. She enjoys creating content of all kinds and is eager to brainstorm ideas for your brand!! 



Growing up, Donna had a dream of becoming a children’s book author. In 2nd grade she remembered being laughed at by her classmates for her book about the teacher losing a tooth (because adults don’t lose teeth, kids do) and she decided when she grew up, she would write her own books and nobody could say a thing about it. That creative and entrepreneurial mindset eventually shifted to wanting to create content for anyone to enjoy. She received her bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from Kutztown University in 2012 where she gained skills in content creation, analytics tracking, and writing in a multitude of tones. Donna has attended multiple webinars and seminars yearly to learn “What’s New” in the digital media world. Working for both B2B and B2C companies, she has mastered the different dialogues. On a more personal note, Donna is the ultimate cat lady/ cat whisperer. She’s a cat mom to Eggy & Oliver (both pictured in our avatar logo). She will nerd out with anyone about Disney, Harry Potter, books, and anything musical.